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Searching for some short and useful answers to questions related to drywall repair and property remodeling? Then you need to scroll down and check out our FAQs. Remember to reach out to us if you need some help getting rid of mold or renovating your home.

What should I do if my basement floods?

First, unplug anything electrical that the water can reach. If water is coming from a source that has a shutoff valve, turn it off. Turn off all circuit breakers, and remove personal items immediately from the flooded areas. Call our professional team as soon as possible for cleanup, repairs, and restoration. We're the experts when it comes to flood and water damage, so be sure to give our team a call when you have flood or water damage in your home.

What's the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles?

Porcelain tiles generally cost more than ceramic tiles but are harder and denser. Ceramic tiles are made from red or white clay with an added glazing on top. Porcelain tiles are made from powdered clay tablets that have been pressed under high temperatures, which allows them to be made into larger sizes than ceramic. Give our team a call today and we'll go over all the advantages of installing the right kind of tiles in your home.

Should the gaps between two drywall sheets be filled?

Yes. If the gaps are wider than 1/8 inch, our professionals will use sandable spackle or joint compound to fill them out. This will be done before applying the tape, and we will make sure not to spread the joint compound onto the surface of the drywall. Any resulting bumps will be removed using a taping knife.

What types of home remodeling services do contractors typically offer?

Contractors offer a range of services, including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, room additions, basement finishing, and whole-house renovations.

How can I find a reliable and licensed home remodeling contractor?

Look for contractors with proper licenses, insurance, and positive reviews. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or check online platforms for reputable professionals.


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