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Trex Decking

Wood-like Trex Decks Custom Built Aesthetic composite decks and railings from the best materials on the market.

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Trex Decking

Trex Decking Prices In Calabasas

For decks, wood looks beautiful, but may not present the best possible option. Trex decking gives you more than a compromise. Trex offers the aesthetic of wood, with smooth or textured designs, but without having to bother with all the hassle of maintenance that real timber demands. Trex is pliable, so custom-built Trex decks can sport a wide array of designs and setups. The price points are lower too, and you can have our local Calabasas decking contractors build you something elaborate without it costing a fortune. For the best prices on Trex decks, custom-built for your property, you turn to us and get a free quote and consultation in-person.

Choosing Trex Decks For Backyards and Patios

As an extension of your backyard patio, or as a standalone platform, Trex decking offers you lots of benefits with no real downsides. This composite material for decks stays durable for a long time and can endure damage without breaking to an impressive point. Plus, Trex decks do away with the serious upkeep needs of regular wooden platforms. They don’t require constant repainting and general deck maintenance. Ergo, they prove even less expensive in the long term too. Trex decking flaunts smooth or textured designs that simulate that classic wooden look, but don’t take on that hefty price tag or the extra requirements.  A new Trex deck for your Calabasas property can add real charm to the area. Whether for a porch, lawn, backyard, or other areas, this type of platform offers a lot of positives.

Beautiful Trex Railings For Decks

Apart from the floorboards, which have a significant role when it comes to aesthetic, rails contribute a lot. Composite Trex deck rails add a certain aesthetic to the look of the platform. They can have a straightforward and regular appearance or something more elaborate that adds a sense of charm to the deck. Of course, deck railings, Trex or otherwise, also have an important job. Ensuring safety. The rails of your deck serve to keep people from falling over. This matters particularly with multi-level Trex decking and other taller platforms where that risk becomes greater. The railing of your Calabasas Trex deck will both add to its beauty and improve its utilitarian safety.

Custom Multi-Level Calabasas Decks From Trex

Big or small, a composite Trex decking offers a very affordable and functional addition to patios and lawns. Choosing to get a multi-level deck custom built lets you utilize a range of designs that only become viable options above certain heights. Decks with stairs and steps have a very unique appearance, adding a lot to your Calabasas residence or business in terms of curb appeal and exterior décor. Multi-level Trex decks remain strong and aesthetic but don’t cost nearly as much as their equivalents made from various timber and wood types.

Free Estimates – Composite Pool Decks & More

Talk to our local contractors about anything to do with Calabasas Trex decks and their accessories and features. We love helping customers find deck ideas that go with their property and fit their budget. With our custom-built Trex deck and other real wood or composite platforms and outdoor structures, you can transform lawns, patios, and more outdoor areas without spending too much. Call to book a free consultation on custom Trex decks or anything else.


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