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Custom-built Patio Covers & Motorized Canopies From free-standing patio shade sails to pop up canopy tents and rigid patio covers and roofs.

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Patio Covers

Patio Covers Cost In Calabasas

A good cover for your decking area or the patio goes a long way towards making this outdoor space more convenient and accommodating. Patio covers provide ample shade for you to lounge under, enjoy meals, work, or just enjoy the fresh air. Naturally, just like the diverse range of options you can pick for the patio itself, the covers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Thinking about something portable? Free-standing shade sails and pop up canopies can provide your Calabasas patio with quick setup for excellent shading solutions. Want more technologically advanced options? Consider custom motorized patio covers for outdoor shade structures and platforms, including pergolas and pavilions. And of course, the classic attached deck roof and custom-built wooden patio cover stay available popular choices. The best way to decide is by consulting with our professionals and getting an estimate (for free!).

Patio Umbrellas For Décor & Shades

As an ornate centerpiece or just an added decorative touch, patio umbrellas can contribute in various ways. We can custom-build attached patio umbrellas with shades in a variety of colors that complement your Calabasas patio hardscape or the wooden decking texture. Prefer free-standing patio covers? These variations also come in the shape of patio umbrellas, with weighted bases to keep them upright and stable. A patio umbrella can provide a serious decorative upgrade, while also creating shade for the courtyard. You can go with various sizes of patio umbrella canopy to cover large or small spots. And with our custom-built patio covers, all designs stay available at affordable prices. Consider also the ever-popular patio shade sails, with free-standing legs that let you transport and place them wherever you want. Shade sails for gardens, patios, and lawns create a welcoming shaded area without any hassle at all.

Pop Up Canopies & Tents

Another option in the vein of free-standing patio covers, you can choose outdoor canopies that offer expansive shade with portability options. Pop up canopies make for easily stored patio covers that you can, as the name suggests, pop open when needed. Creating a canopy tent in your patio or deck or as a free-standing pavilion or gazebo will add tremendous decorative value to your outdoor spaces. Not to mention, these outdoor pop-up canopy tents also provide the ever-needed shade to enjoy while still appreciating the fresh air. We make custom outdoor canopies for Calabasas and all nearby areas. With our made-to-measure pop-up canopy tents, you can get the most out of your patio without it costing a lot or taking up much space.

Metal & Wood Patio Covers and Deck Roofs

For the more rigid options, consider built-in patio and deck covers made from wood, aluminum, or other materials. With this sturdy patio cover option, you can protect yourself not only from harsh sunlight but falling branches and debris. An attached patio cover from wood or aluminum provides stable shade all through the day. The decorative features also stretch quite widely, with all sorts of ornate and simple patio cover ideas to choose from. Our local contractors provide Calabasas custom-built patio covers for local properties of residential and commercial types. And with a free estimate, you can see all the customizable options to pick from.

Motorized Patio Covers For Calabasas Area

As the most technologically advanced option, motorized patio shades, and canopies provide an excellent choice with lots of utility. Motorized patio covers let you pick from all sorts of designs, much like regular canopies and outdoor shades. However, the integration of motorized roller shades for patios allows for a lot of versatility. Our US-based manufacturer can produce custom-made motorized patio covers with all sorts of materials too. So the range of choices becomes wide and suitable for all sorts of needs. Want to know more? Just give us a call. Have one of our local Calabasas patio cover designers meet you for a free estimate!


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