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Outdoor Kitchens

Deck Outdoor Kitchen Sets Custom Built

New, custom-designed outdoor kitchens with cabinets, grills, tabletops, and more for Calabasas area patios. Free estimates available on all projects.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchen Plans In Calabasas

Add a kitchen to your backyard deck patio and you’ve got a whole world of options open to you. Many homes around Calabasas choose to add custom-built outdoor kitchens to their courtyards and similar outdoor areas. The benefits include not only ones of utility, but aesthetics as well. The look of outdoor kitchen tabletops and custom-built cabinets lends the entire patio or deck area a serious appeal. Combine that with the functionality of outdoor kitchens with grill stations and BBQ islands, and you’ve got the perfect looks and utility combo. The best way to start, of course, is with a free estimate from local contractors.

Custom-Built Kitchens For Calabasas Patios and Decks

Think about the indoor kitchen in your house. It contains countertops and cabinets, all set to serve your needs when preparing and cooking food. Well, your new outdoor kitchen can present the same features, including water taps, electrical outlets, and gas lines. The joy of spending time out on the patio in the fresh air needn’t be limited. With an outdoor kitchen for your Calabasas home, you can enjoy the outdoors while preparing and cooking your food. An outdoor kitchen is great for eating outside as a family unit. It’s a great way to get kids to put down their phones and iPads for a few minutes so you can all spend some quality time together in the pleasant breeze.

Kitchen Cabinets and Counters For Outdoors

Storage and worktops matter a great deal for kitchens, outdoors or indoors. You need somewhere to store tableware and various utensils and dishes, and having to go back inside to get something every so often becomes a tedious task. Our professional Calabasas contractors can build cabinets for your outdoor kitchen that’ll create the aesthetic design you want and will protect your belongings all through the night. Apart from storage, you also need surfaces to chop, slice, and dice on, right? Well, an outdoor kitchen countertop will provide that beyond the sufficient level. Choose from stone BBQ islands to wooden deck counters, to even composite choices that mimic timber aesthetic and texture but don’t need the same costly maintenance. You can discuss all the details with our local contractors to see how much everything can cost and look at beautiful and ideal outdoor kitchen cabinet and countertop designs.

Cooking In Outdoor Kitchens – Grills & Stoves

As we mentioned before, although this setup stands outside, that doesn’t mean it should lack in any facet. With water features, electricity infrastructure, and gas lines, you can not only prepare food in your outdoor kitchen but cook it too! Many people choose to have us build them grill stations adjacent to sinks and countertops or BBQ islands. That way, you can start and finish the cooking process in one spot without having to move more than a foot or two. You can also have areas dedicated to outdoor kitchen fridges next to the custom-built cabinets for maximal efficiency and convenience. Learn more and see all the different outdoor kitchen designs our Calabasas deck and patio contractors can offer you. How? By calling or reaching out online to book a free estimate on any exterior remodeling project.


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